Welcome To Pendergriff South

Pendergriff Daylilies are the gardens of two daylily lovers. Barbara Pendergrass is Pendergriff North, which is located about 20 miles north of me in Dowagiac, Michigan.  And I am Randy Griffin--my garden is Pendergriff South.  We share plants and pollen,  Pendergriff South is a state licensed and inspected nursery, located near Niles, Michigan in USDA Zone 5. At this time I sell plants and seeds only on the Lily Auction http://daylily.com/cgi-bin/auction.cgi under the username mthrnatur.

Mama Domino, the original member of the Vole Patrol.  Sadly I lost her at the age of 15, early in 2019.

In the summer of 2012 we added Cranky Frankie the Crabby Tabby.  He wandered in and decided to stay.  He is the only one of my cats that ever wanted to go in and out and I sometimes feel my second career is being his doorman.

Then in the fall of 2015 along came Handsome Stranger.  During the winter of 2020 he died suddenly.  My vole patrol is sadly depleted.

The oldest and youngest members of my crew, Princess Fluff Butt and Freddie the Freeloader.  Fluff survived a house fire in 2017 and Freddie was a feral kitten I captured at a temporary rental while my house was being rebuilt. 

Gracie and her brother Skamper, along with their friend Boo, came to live with me in May of 2019.  A good friend of mine died from cancer, and I told her that she never needed to worry about them not having a home.  Skamper is the smaller black cat below.  The larger black cat is Boo, who tips the scales at over 20 pounds.  

SBK Bulletproof Brown, aka Kevlar--August 7, 2002 - July 13, 2012.  The guardian of the garden still, in spirit.  Always in my heart..

Bud Bolle was the other half of the original Pendergriff South guard dog team--here posing for one of my homemade wine labels.  I lost this handsome boy at the age of 14.

Billy D was my hybridizing buddy for many years.  Sadly, I lost him in the spring of 2016.  He came to me as a stray so I don't know how old he was but he was with me for many years.

Autumn came to stay with me in 2013, a sweet girl who was rescued by my niece when she was living in Nevada.  We were heartbroken when we lost Autumn in June of 2020 to complications of insulinoma surgery.

In July of 2015 Feebie joined the gang, a holy terror cleverly disguised as a cute dog.