Fish Or Cut Bait (Griffin 2019)  (Forestlake Laura Lee Harding x Unknown GR2010FU02)  SHELL PINK WITH GOLD FISHHOOK EDGE AND GOLD INTO GREEN EYE, 24",Tet,6",SEv,M, 3 way branching, 17 buds  

Psychedelic Therapy  (Griffin 2019):  (Get Jiggy x Zoe Allegra GR2012GZ01), LIGHT ROSY BROWN WITH DOUBLE EDGE OF DARK SLATE BLUE AND BLUE VIOLET, MATCHING COMPLEX PATTERNED EYE ZONE AND YELLOW/GREEN THROAT, 30",Tet,6",SEv,M, 4 way branching, 14 buds

Stargate 7 Griffin 2019 :  (Stargate Portal x Rose F Kennedy GR2012SR07), DARK VIOLET RED WITH PURPLE EYE AND LARGE YELLOW INTO GREEN THROAT, 42",Dip,6",Dor,EM,Re, 3 way branching, 13 buds

Vlad The Impaler Griffin 2019:  (Soldier Of Fortune x Venus Flytrap  GR2011SV02), DEEP MAGENTA WITH PALE PLUM WATERMARK AND TOOTHY WHITE EDGE, 42",Tet,5.75",SEv,M, 3 way branching, 18 buds

Woodland Whisper Griffin 2019:  (Painted Bunting x Indian Weaving GR2014PI03), SALMON WITH LIGHTER EDGE, PATTERNED EYE OF ORCHID, LAVENDER AND LIGHT STEEL BLUE WITH LARGE YELLOW INTO GREEN THROAT, 35",Dip,6.50",SEv,E, 4 way branching, 24 buds